Guimarães Home Fashion Week 2018

Welcome to the third edition of Guimarães Home Fashion Week!

In the year that we are celebrating 40 years of innovation and creativity we are pleased to be sharing with you this unique opportunity for both exhibitors and buyers to meet each other and better understand how the household textile industry works in Portugal.

Taking place in our Nation’s birth city, a group of 53 Portuguese companies, representing 60 brands, supported by the Associação Home from Portugal, will contact with customers from more than 30 different markets worldwide.

Exhibiting at the beautiful Pousada de Santa Maria da Costa, are some of the best Portuguese producers and exporters. Exporting to over 130 countries worldwide, you will be able to see the medium-high, high quality products that these companies produce.
Home textiles is an industry with great impact and importance worldwide. We hope you enjoy this exhibition and that this opens up pathways to promising new business ventures.

Associação Home from Portugal