With Branditnext you will have a complete production team available to answers all your video request.

Whether you need a commercial, or promotional video, a viral video, or a music video or some corporate training, you can be sure that you will have a talented and experienced team to make sure you get the best.

At Branditnext we develop the following Video Areas:

  • Promotional
  • Corporate
  • Commercials
  • Online
  • Info graphic videos
  • Product launches
  • Learning & development
  • Animation
  • Live and Event Video Production
  • DVD Authoring

Our video production are a powerful communication tool for brands, products and companies.



With a professional corporate video your company can describe on more effectively way products, services and business activities.

Aptiv visitas 2:29

Aptiv visitas

Boavista 20/21 1:58

Boavista 20/21

Apresentação dos Equipamentos Rio Ave 2020/21 1:41

Apresentação dos Equipamentos Rio Ave 2020/21

Evolution Apartments UK Version 2:22

Evolution Apartments UK Version

Doçaria São Vicente 1:02

Doçaria São Vicente

Lisboa Orçamento 2019 4:51

Lisboa Orçamento 2019

Soccerex Presentation Oeiras 2019 3:03

Soccerex Presentation Oeiras 2019

Sports Reel 2019 1:11

Sports Reel 2019

Vulcano Spot – Lavatório 0:31

Vulcano Spot – Lavatório

Trailer CD Aves 0:44

Trailer promocional do documentário CD Aves “Rumo ao Jamor”

Torneiras Roriz 1:59

Torneiras Roriz – Institucional video

PlayGround Stars 0:26

PlayGround Stars 30 second clip


VERTO – Engenharia do Metal

Brandit 1:00

Brandit – 10 Years

Home from Portugal 7:07

Home from Portugal – Heimtextil 2018

Digithand 2:00

Create your own Apps for mobile devices and reach more clients and fans

Cdeck EN 5:13

Designed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions, the CDECK composite is the ideal solution for outdoor decks, both in residential and commercial areas, including balconies, gardens, pools, terraces, marinas, etc..


Brandit Portugal – Produção de Filme Institucional EFAPEL Inglês


A very powerful communication tool, promotional videos can increase your product and business visibility especially through social channels.

brandit anniversary 1:00

brandit 7th anniversary video

Veloso Racing Weekend 2014 2:26

Video from Veloso racing weekend in Braga, Portugal.

Restaurante La Dolce Vita Classic 1:34

La Dolce Vita Classic

Restaurante La Dolce Vita Gourmet 1:08

Restaurante La Dolce Vita Gourmet

Cristiano Ronaldo’s best moments 2013 1:37

2013 was like this, let’s welcome 2014!

We are 60 million 1:07

We are 60 million

Brandit Portugal – Postais digitais 1:31

O Postal Digital é uma solução de embalagem revolucionária para CDs, DVDs, cartões de crédito e cartões SIM, estando delineado para preencher todos os requisitos postais com as taxas mais baixas.

Brandit – Milhões de Festa 1:41

Brandit no Festival Milhões de Festa


We develop tutorial videos for companies who like to be innovative in the way they exchange knowledge.

With tutorial videos it’s possible to reach and train, with detailed walkthroughs, a huge number of clients or collaborators saving you time and money.

All the information can be accessed anywhere (computers, mobile devices) publicly or through private and secure connections.

Mourinho Tactical Board PRO – Overview 11:50

The new Mourinho Tactical Board Pro software has all the tools that a football professional needs.

If you are a journalist, a coach, or if you are a scouting coach, this is the software that will help you manage and keep all the information about the matches, players and teams organized and always ready to be accessed.

Pistola Click Gun – UHU 1:20

Vídeo técnico sobre a pistola Click Gun da UHU

iht cdeck install PT HD 2:00

iht cdeck install


Training to Play – DVDs
We understand there is a lack of visual information for football training, particularly for youth football.

Even though there is some literature available in the market, the lack of user friendly audiovisual content for players, coaches and parents, made us start a project that would help fill this void.

CD Aves – Rumo Ao Jamor
Trailer do Documentário – CD Aves – Rumo ao Jamor

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